While in Berlin during this time there were several attacks on American troops both in Berlin and West Germany by the terrorist groups of Moammar Gaddafi, one such attack took the life of several members of the battalions Armand was assigned to and The Berlin Disco Bombing happened only a few blocks from his apartment.  A mock explosive device was duct taped to the wheel well of Armand’s vehicle while parked at his apartment in Kruetsberg, Berlin, thankfully it was only a scare tactic. 


In 1986 Armand was transferred to Ft. Lewis Washington where he was NCOIC of a Chapel that was supporting the 502nd Infantry and 1st Ranger Company. There he supervised four Chaplain’s Assistants and lead field training in the Yakima Desert along with troop support activities on base. Armand was Honorably Discharged from the Army in August of 1987 and returned to Rhode Island.  

While on one of those training trips to West Germany Armand had a fall from a second floor ledge during urban assault training. As a result of this fall Armand fractured a vertebra and tore both rotator cuffs. As a result of his injuries in Military Armand is now on Veteran’s Disability. 

Armand started hunting in the area of northern Rhode Island and in nearby Mass for Deer. In only 3 years of hunting he’s been fortunate enough to have gotten seven deer all on public land by using Crossbow, Black Powder and one with a Shotgun. He’s now an avid hunter and enthusiastically shares that passion with his friends. Armand has found many ways of making accommodations for his disabilities while hunting and fishing.